What is Shoutbomb?

Shoutbomb is a software service that allows libraries to send automatic text notices to patrons informing them when they have items available to pick up, items that are due soon, overdue items, and/or payments due. Patrons can also use a list of preselected service commands to request additional information, or to carry out certain tasks like renewing items. It is free to use (although standard texting rates do apply) and multiple library accounts can be connected to the same phone.

To start using Shoutbomb, you’ll need:

  1. A mobile phone capable of text messaging
  2. Subscription to text messaging (confirm with your cell service plan)
  3. The fourteen digit library card number on the back of your library card

To sign up using your phone:

  1. Text the word SIGNUP to (860) 345-1307
  2. Reply to the message from Shoutbomb with your library card number
  3. Opt in to additional library news alerts by replying to Shoutbomb’s follow-up messages with the relevant commands (these will be specified in the messages)

To sign up online:

  1. Visit
  2. Fill out the signup form with your mobile phone number and library card number
  3. Answer the captcha security question and press submit
  4. Follow steps 2 and 3 of the instructions for signing up via your phone

Common service commands:

ADDCARD – Add a library card to your phone.
DROPCARD – Remove a library card from your phone.
MYBOOKS – Request a list of current account information (checkouts, holds, fines).
OVERDUE – Opt in/out of overdue notifications.
RENEW – Opt in/out of renewal notifications.
HOLDS – Opt in/out of holds notifications.
IOWEU – Request amount of current fines owed.
HELP – Request detailed descriptions and how to use each keyword.
RESEND – Resend the last message from Shoutbomb.
QUIT – End all text notifications and cancel registration.

For more information and a complete list of service commands, visit the LION Consortium’s Shoutbomb Help Page.