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Updates about decorative or temporary displays.

The Library’s featured artist for November, Phoebe Barron, is one of 73 artists whose artworks are showcased in HMVC Gallery New York’s Vibrant Visions Virtual Group Exhibition, a digital art show running from November 1st to November 30th. You can visit the HMVC website to see her piece Maze displayed in a virtual art gallery along with the works of the other artists, or see it in person in the Library’s Community Room as part of her “Lines, Angles, and Reflections in Architecture” display!

Phoebe with another of her pieces, Reflected Tree

It’s Dinovember! This month at Clark Memorial Library, our displays are filled with books featuring dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, early humans, fossils, and paleontology. Whether you want to learn about the ancient past or just enjoy stories that use bits of it as a backdrop, we have something for you – including a Museum Pass for the Dinosaur State Park Exhibit Center.

It’s the spookiest month of the year!
Check out our themed book displays, which are now packed with stories starring goblins, ghosts, and ghouls – and of course, plenty of Halloween tales for all ages.

A reception will be held on November 4th, 2:00 – 4:00 PM for the local artist featured in our Arts@Clark! exhibit for October and November, Phoebe M. Barron.

Phoebe, a New Haven resident, will have a two-part photography exhibit:

· Lines, Angles, and Reflections in Architecture
· YES! In My Back Yard – A Much Closer Look

Phoebe is a self-taught photographer who is captivated by angles and reflections in contemporary architecture. As an avid gardener, she also looks at flowers with a very close eye, seeing fine details often not appreciated. She has exhibited her works at City-Wide Open Studios, private galleries, and salons in the Greater New Haven area. A faculty member at Neighborhood Music School for nearly 40 years, Phoebe is excited to show a different aspect of her creativity.

Our Arts@Clark! exhibit for August and September will feature the works of local artist Robin McCahill. She will also be hosting a crafting workshop in mid-September, so keep an eye on our Event Calendar!

Robin is from Thomaston, Connecticut. She is a fiber and felting artist who enjoys exploring its two- and three-dimensional qualitiesHer work is inspired by nature, textures, colors, creatures, myths and legends, magic, science, and mechanics. She designs and builds props and puppets for performers, as well as performing herself and creating wearable art and home décor.

Robin has been Art Director for Cheshire Youth Theater for 5 seasons, directing kids in plays like Lion King Jr., Singing in the Rain, Moana, Matilda, and coming soon, Shrek Jr. the Musical! She also hosts workshops for both children and adults at Artsplace in Cheshire, as well as libraries, schools, colleges, museums, art centers, rehab centers, and at her studio. She is a bike-fitting specialist and owner of Intuit Bike Fit LLC, and is a licensed massage therapist.

We’re celebrating the end of summer with Dog Days of Summer Reading book displays at Clark Memorial Library! We have plenty of books that put man’s best friend in a starring role, as well as stories that focus on the relationship between pet and owner. Come check out a puppy tale (or should we say tail?) today!

Clark Memorial Library is hosting an art display featuring pieces by the members of the Bethany Senior “Art Gang”, an art club sponsored by Bethany Senior Services. The display is upstairs, to the left of the check-out desk. Come take a look!

The Art Gang began as an hour-long weekly watercolor class where each new member believed that they were never going to be able to succeed. It is now a “true friends” club that celebrates the success of all members and normally runs at least two hours – and the art produced is unique and beautiful! Members explore a wide range of techniques: wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, dry brush, glazing, bleeding, feathering, masking, splattering, sponging, and even salt texturing, led by local artist Mary Lou Narowski.

The group meets Thursdays at 11:00 AM in the meeting room at Bethany town hall. The cost is $9.00 per session – all supplies are provided. Please join us as we always have room, and the laughs are abundant! For more information contact Robin Glowa, Director of Bethany Senior Services, at 203-393-2100 x1124.

Clark Memorial Library is celebrating the summer with displays featuring all sorts of outdoor activities and sports. Come learn about sports history or famous athletes and trainers, and follow the stories of people overcoming their limits to succeed both on and off the field!

Our Children's Room book display
The Adult, YA, and Teen/Tween displays